ICO Launching

ICO Insider is a community founded by a team of cryptocurrency professionals and backed by a group of experienced private ICO investors and creators. With our industry expertise and experience, we address the need of an ICO from idea presentation, technical development to marketing and fund raising channels.

The all-rounded services we provide to an ICO include:

Marketing Support

  • Community growth and management services (Chinese, Japanese, Korean & English)
  • Managing online ICO channels including all major ICO and coins website for listing, advertising and articles
  • Crowd content contributors building and management (Bounty program)
  • Investors outreach (Pre-sale opportunities)

Idea Review

  • Concept audit with blockchain experts
  • Whitepaper audit / revision / enhancement
  • Idea explainer animation videos with professional voice over
  • Logo design / other infographics development
  • ICO websites construction with fundraising features
  • Smart contract construction / audit

Professional Services

  • Know-your-customer (KYC) / whitelist screening services
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Legal review and advisory

Exchange Listing Recommendation

  • Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges after token generation

Our team have worked with various ICOs, advising and servicing on their idea construction, pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

If you have an amazing idea wanted to go public, and plan to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) / token generation event (TGE), please email to [email protected] and discuss with our team of experts.